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Stories  of  Pasta... i  Fusilli

It’s one of the most typical pasta, this is due to it’s particular spiral shape and it’s processing technique “as 200 years ago”.


Fusilli were born thanks to the workmanship of fusillaie (women who made fusilli) that used a small iron shaft to roll fusilli with a particular and rapid movement of the forearm.


An ancient completely handmade manufacturing.

... il  Pacchero

The famous shape was born thanks to a particular

anecdote. At the end of 19th “Scugnizzi” picked up

“minuzzaglia” (rests of pasta fallen during the drying

along the streets) from the floor.


Sometimes they tried to keep them and when the owner of the pasta factory noticed it he punished them with a slap.


Slap in Neapolitan dialect is called “pacchero”.

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