Our Artisanal Gluten Free Pasta

It is the right moment to state….Finally…. celiac can now have the chance to taste a Higher Quality Artisan Pasta!!!! We’re the First Gragnano’s Pasta Factory capable of producing a Bronze Die Gluten Free Pasta, born from the best selection of Rice and Corn flours, knead with our secular Natural Gragnano’ spring water. Our Pasta is enriched by a very low temperature and smooth drying process, packed into an exclusive and refined bag, for a greater impact. We are 4 generations Pasta producers, we added to our Gluten Free Pasta all the small – big – magical secrets passed over for the production of our True Artisan Gragnano’s Pasta. The result is now almost 40 different shapes dedicated to celiac, in all bigger, emotional and typical shapes from Gragnano!

A small artisanal high quality production Pasta of great value, now also for celiacs!

Catalogue slide

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catalogo fabbrica senza glutine.pdf
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