Welcome  The  Authentic,  Finest,  Artisan,  Traditional,  PGI  Gragnano’s  Pasta!

Pasta Producers ... from the beginning of time!

In Gragnano, we have been producing pasta for 500 years.

Producing Pasta for us is an art that we perform every day, following the same teaching of our ancestors. A unique mix of history, culture, traditions and of course … secrets!


Our Ancestors used to mix only 2 ingredients (High Quality Durum Semolina & Water coming from a Natural Spring in Gragnano’s Mountains) which were then pressed through a Bronze Die, and dried the pasta off the streets under the sun!

Today, after all these generations, we do exactly the same!


Works  of ... Art

For us every single format represents a work of art, and in our Catalog they are absolute protagonists, showing themselves in every form and detail, as authentic works of art!

Our  Gift  Ideas

A completely new way of conceiving the gifts for a gift of great value and different from the usual! From the terracotta to the glass line, there are many gift ideas that express a real emotion for those who give and those who receive

The amazing Gluten-free line!

from today even the celiacs can have the pleasure of tasting a Pasta of Great Quality Craft in almost 40 different formats!

The Gragnano Pasta Factory is the 1st Pasta Factory in the world to have obtained the "Pasta di Gragnano I.G.P." certification (Certificate Certiquality n.1 / 2012).

The company is now also certified according to strict food standards BRC and IFS and also holds the BIO Agricert certification.

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